Reasons why you should take media studies seriously

Everyone loves to watch movies. Everyone loves to dance to the songs and admire its videos. But no one gives any credit to them who are learning to make movies and songs. In a nutshell, even in this era, the students of the media studies as the major in college is considered to be those fail students who failed to get admission in any college and engineering college and now trying to get a degree in media studies. This is the normal perception of the people in not only the developing countries but also in the developed countries too.

That is why being a professional writer and an academic writer who also write for the dissertation writing service providing company writing this article on the media studies. In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you the reasons which will convince you to start taking the media studies seriously.

A subject related to human:

Medical is a field in which you learn about all the internal organs or the mass of the human. The media studies is a field in which you learn about the behavior of the human. It is the only course which will teach you that how you can manipulate the mind of any person. In this course, you learn about the emotions and feelings of humans and how you can play with them. Not in a negative way, but in a way that the person with whom you are playing would enjoy.

Mother of all subjects:

 The first movie from which the Christopher Nolan got his fame was based on the disease called dyslexia. Another blockbuster movie from the Nolan was Inception, which was based on the dreams. Another movie name Interstellar which was based on the astronomy and the outer space. Have you ever imagined how a movie director can think of such diverse subjects? He is not the only one who is doing it. There are hundreds of movies which are based on the history. The reason is that the media studies are the mother of all subjects in which you have to learn about different subjects. This is the only subject which gives you this liberty of learning about the different subjects. The more you will learn about it and will use it for the media the more you will be successful.

Practical Learning:

You will hardly find any academic book in the bags of the students of media studies. However, you will definitely find some novels and a camera in the bag. The reason is obvious. The media studies are all about practical learning. You will have to create dozens of movies and video songs before getting a degree. Another fascinating thing about the media studies is that it is a vocational subject. The more you will be vocal about it the better student you would be. You will have a complete permission of using all your creativity. You can go as far as you can go in this creativity and can show through different assignments which require no writing, just practicing.