A guide to choosing Uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth

Choosing Uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth depends on the University or college you are attending. Some Universities and colleges take it upon themselves to provide student accommodation for new and returning students. With that being said, there are also student’s property agents in the city, that can help you find a house to live. Finding the ideal property agents in Portsmouth requires a little bit of research. Your target is to use only reliable property agents when choosing Uni accommodation for students.

 You cannot ignore the power of a simple Google search when looking for property agents in Portsmouth. Use the name of your University or college as one of the keywords in your search – that way, you will get results that consists of agents that are around your University or college. Your search results will have information such as the contact details of the agency, their location and opening hours. Choose one agency and go from there. Your goal is to get all the information you can get about the agency before hiring them to help you find a house.

Visit their website to see the kinds of houses they have available, the location of the houses and the price. You can simply call the agents to ask more direct questions. Find out what facilities they have in the house; you need to know if there is a washing machine in the house or you have to take your clothes out for laundry. The availability of reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi is also crucial, so ask if they have such facility in the house, if you are expected to pay anything extra for using the service.

 Since you can save a lot of money if you rent a property with close friends, you should ask the agency if they have such houses – for a group. Rent deposit is also one aspect of renting student accommodation in Portsmouth, so you should ask about the deposit i.e. know how much you are expected to pay and when they expect you to pay the amount. Although the deposit will be returned to you, you still need to make sure you are comfortable with the amount they are asking for.

The environment around the house also matters, as a student, you should prefer a quiet residential area since you will be studying most of the time. So ask the agents about the area since you are probably new to the environment. After getting all the answers from the student property agency, you should plan to visit the property to see things for yourself. Doing so will help you put everything into perspective; to verify what you have been told by the property agent. You also get to see how clean the house is, and if everything is working as it should. Check things like gas, electricity, heating and broadband internet access. Look at this as an inspection tour of the property before taking your final decision.